Who is this mentorship for?

It's for ANY healthcare student or practitioner that wants to learn how to use UNDA Numbers to support their wellbeing AND it's for all healthcare practitioners + students that want to seriously uplevel their healing gifts and skills!

If you want the MOST transformative tools to heal, learn one of the most incredible healing modalities that produces life changing, massive results, and become an expert at healing like me, then you have come to the right place. I am SO excited that you're here!!

If you want detailed, in depth teachings, and nurturing, empowering support directly from me, then I'm your girl!

You will get LIFETIME access to the recordings when you sign up for this mentorship. You will have the audio recordings + teachings AND you will have access to me during our group case study sessions throughout 2023.

YES! Once you sign up for this mentorship, you get access to over 9.5 hours of pre-recorded UNDA Courses I, II, and III and the virtual case study sessions I hold for the year (and their audio recordings if you miss one or want to re-listen). Which means deep support from a mentor you can truly trust AND continuing education that will uplevel your entire being + healing gifts!

The audio recordings are where you will learn how I use UNDA's with my clients SO successfully and the case study sessions are where you can bring any questions to me about cases you need support with or any healing questions you have. I share so many pearls in the virtual sessions, not only about UNDA's but all the healing tools I use too! Like single homeopathics, flower essences, trauma healing tools, emotional healing, etc.

The Details!

In this Mentorship, I will be teaching you I have helped my patients (and myself) heal with UNDA numbers (biotherapeutic drainage) comprehensively in all organ system conditions! UNDA Numbers were formulated on principle teachings of Chinese Medicine, Anthroposophic medicine, and homeopathy. I will be sharing my 13+ years of expertise with UNDA numbers, specifically my take on Dr. Gerard Gueniot’s protocols, and how I personally use them in my practice.

This mentorship is for:

  • ALL Students and practitioners of naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine + acupuncture, chiropractic, and allopathic medicine - nurses, MDs, DOs, + PTs. You must have graduated or are currently studying from an accredited university of graduate or doctorate level studies in the medical fields listed above.

This Mentorship is a three part series + live case study sessions online. This is to help you focus and fully embody the tools in this mentorship, instead of throwing a ton of information at you and you not absorbing it! This healing modality is so important, and I want you to get everything you can out of this series.

Parts I, II, and III are all pre-recorded, so you can go at your own pace and fully embody these tools!

***There are over 9 hours and 30 minutes + bonus material!

Along with the pre-recorded material, I am offering you 2023 access to my live case study sessions for all of my UNDA students. Yes that means YOU!

If you want to be nurtured, supported, empowered and educated by me, then that is exactly what you will get in the case study + group coaching sessions. This mentorship allows me to give you the deepest support when it comes to truly helping people heal and I teach you exactly how I do it so successfully.

These case study sessions allow my mentees to ask questions about holistic healing, UNDAs, homeopathy, how I would approach a case they are stuck on or a health condition they want to learn more about, etc. This is so you may re-listen and dive deeper into these teachings at your own pace, and in case you miss a session, hear it for the first time!

These case study sessions are AMAZING and help you embody all the healing modalities I share in a more profound way.

The 2023 dates for these sessions are:

  • Tuesday, February 21 at 5PM PST
  • Tuesday, March 21 at 5PM PST
  • Tuesday, April 18 at 5PM PST
  • Tuesday, May 16 at 5PM PST
  • Tuesday, September 12 at 5PM PST

All of these study sessions will take place online!

For health practitioners: You can bring all of your questions to me regarding health conditions + difficult cases, etc. and I will teach you exactly how I would apply UNDAs, single homeopathics, flower essences, supplements, lifestyle, and other energetic medicine modalities.

***Once you sign up for my UNDA Mentorship, you will have lifetime access to the UNDA Mentorship Parts I, II, and III recordings

**This mentorship and case study sessions are pending for OBNM CE (continuing education) approval.

Hi there!

I'm Dr. Renee Hubka.

I am here to guide you and help your patients heal with the MOST success!

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with students and professionals in the healing world. I am so grateful to share my UNDA Number experience and expertise with you.

I am a Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist + Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Homeopathy Expert, and Spiritual Teacher. I do holistic health consulting for people all over the world + have online courses to teach everyone how to truly heal themselves. There is a deep need for the healing I provide, and I am so honored to be a conduit for this transformative work.

UNDA Number therapy has helped myself and countless patients of mine heal from a wide range of conditions. I truly believe there is nothing that UNDAs cannot help treat!

The healing knowledge in my workshops have helped so many of my patients and myself, that I had to make these tools available for YOU.

You absolutely CAN help your patients heal. I am here to reflect that to you and teach you everything I know about UNDAs. Your patients deserve the best care possible, and this mentorship gives you the tools to be an incredible healing force!

Let's get started.

Mentorship Testimonials!

"Dr. Renee's UNDA Mentorship is a fantastic resource for clinical applications in a holistic practice. Her courses serve as my go-to set's for common concerns. I feel so much more supported in utilizing homeopathy with Dr. Renee's guidance and constant encouragement! I strongly recommend all of her work as she will absolutely bring you gems, pearls, and more! :) " - NS

"I am forever grateful for the wisdom and knowledge that Renee has shared with me. I so greatly appreciate her UNDA trainings. Not only do they serve as an incredible resource for building formulations, but they also touch upon the connection between physical and emotional health. I am forever grateful for meeting Renee and learning so much from her. Emotional health has become the biggest part of my practice so far, and Renee has played a huge role in making me feel confident in that realm. Her approach welcomes in trauma healing, as well as a Chinese medicine perspective, which is something that is not really touched on in other trainings. Thanks to Renee's mentorship, UNDAs have become a cornerstone in my practice. " - HF

"The UNDA course offered by Dr. Hubka is a game changer! I learned so much from her during the course and continue to reference her handouts weekly, if not daily. The knowledge she shares in this course will absolutely help you and your patients heal! And the study group she offers is a beautiful continuation of the learning process where you can bring any questions or cases you're seeking guidance on. I am so grateful to be able to continue to learn from here, even after the course ended!" - CR

Pricing Options!

*No refunds. All sales are final.

I have been able to heal

myself and my patients with the knowledge + tools in these courses!

Up until my mid 20's, I was very sick and unwell. Suffering from complex PTSD + childhood trauma, IBS, hormonal and thyroid imbalances, food sensitivities, chronic fatigue, and a lack of love for myself and my body. I was absolutely miserable.

I have studied, cultivated, and created the healing tools that are in my workshops over the last twelve years. I have devoted my life to relieve suffering from the human race + promote accessible healing for all.

These workshops are my gift to you.

Please tell your family + friends about my online offerings, as they can facilitate deep healing and transform your life.

All my love + blessings,

Dr. Renee Hubka, ND LAc