Holistic healing includes the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic parts of ourselves. The education in this membership is exactly that - holistic. All of our parts need to be taken into account when we are wanting to heal successfully. We must address all of these areas in the healing process as they make us who we are: Human beings.

Courses Included:

The Holistic + Intuitive Nutrition Course

The Emotional Healing Masterclass

The Hair Growth After Hair Loss Course

The Fertility Course

The Lactation Course

The Sleep Course

How I Use Holistic Remedies Courses

How to Muscle Test Course

How I Use Flower Essences Course

How I Use Single Homeopathics Course

How I Use UNDA Numbers Course

Ground Into Your Body Practices Course


Chakra Clearing Meditation

Qi Gong Stretching

Acupuncture Meridian Self Massage

Acupressure Facial Self Massage

The Foundations of Health Course

My Holistic Skin Care + Beauty Favorites

FREE Trauma Healing Course

FREE UNDA Number Foundations

Gut Health Courses

The Constipation Course *NEW*

The Diarrhea Course *NEW*

The Bloating Course *NEW*

The Fever Course *NEW*

Mental + Emotional Health Courses

The Anxiety + Fear + Panic Attack Course *NEW*

The Depression + Sadness + Grief Course *NEW*

The Anger + Hatred + Rage Course *NEW*

The Body Image + Body

Dysmorphia Course *NEW*

The Optimize Your Weight Course *NEW*

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Get 12 Months Access To Over $2,500 Worth of Workshops

Teachings + Practices From a Holistic Healing Expert

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Hi There,

I’m Dr. Renee Hubka!

I am a world leading healing expert. I am here to support you on your wellness journey and show you what is possible for you when it comes to your health and wellbeing.


I know what it feels like to suffer. I struggled with a myriad of health issues from infancy until my mid twenties. That’s a really long time to endure such hardship and distress. I felt completely hopeless, lost, and alone.

I knew that health, joy and peace were my birthright and that I could heal every single thing I desired, so I took my healing into my own hands.

I went to Naturopathic medical school at NUNM, where I earned my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and my Masters Degree in Acupuncture. I studied with mentors and healers weekly (in addition to my schooling), and spent every single day researching and experimenting with homeopathy and root cause healing modalities, all while going to medical school at the same time. I was determined to learn everything I could to heal myself.

Let’s just say I devoted my entire being to this healing work and figuring out what truly worked. My life depended on it.

I have been able to transform

myself and my patients with the knowledge + tools in these workshops!

I am so thankful I persevered and followed my intuition because I have healed myself and I continue to deepen my vitality and wellbeing every single day!


The tools and healing modalities I share in these workshops have completely changed (and saved) my life and my patient’s lives. It’s one thing to experience healing within oneself, but to see it completely transform countless lives is something I just can’t express with words. It is miraculous.

What’s possible for my patients and me, is possible for you.


I am so grateful to be a supportive and nurturing mentor. To inspire you and guide you on your healing journey. Teaching you tools that may be new and different, that just might change your life.

I am so honored and thrilled you are here.

You can heal it all!

All my love + blessings,

Dr. Renee Hubka



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