I am so honored, grateful, and overjoyed that you have found me!

If you want to feel + be vital, if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, if you are done with feeling stuck in your healing journey, and you are ready to THRIVE.... then you have come to the right place.

I excel at helping people of all ages who are struggling with the following health concerns:

  • hormonal imbalances + period problems (all types)
  • infertility + preconception support
  • endometriosis + PCOS
  • thyroid issues
  • skin issues (all types)
  • digestive health + gut function (all types)
  • your weight, food fears, food sensitivities, disordered eating
  • chronic pain
  • autoimmune conditions
  • your mood, anxiety, PTSD, healing unresolved trauma/childhood trauma
  • low energy + adrenal fatigue
  • sleep issues
  • children with behavioral issues
  • feeling lost or out of alignment in your life, health, career, relationships, family, and/or friendships
  • life coaching + manifestation coaching/belief system work

My 1:1 Holistic Healing Program is a

3 month offering for those that are ready to completely transform their lives + their health!

Hi there! I'm Dr. Renee Hubka!

I am a board certified Naturopathic doctor, Chinese medicine practitioner + acupuncturist, expert healer + homeopath.

I also use my intuitive gifts + spiritual teachings to support and heal every aspect of my client's lives. I love what I do!!

I have been studying healing for over 15 years. I have studied homeopathy, UNDA numbers, flower essences, and every holistic healing method I can get my hands on weekly (let’s be honest daily!!) for the last 12 years with my mentors and via self study. 

I found the healing work that truly works through my own significant suffering with my health. Since finding the healing tools that created lasting massive change for me + my clients, I have devoted my life to helping others transform their own struggles and achieve their health desires.

The healing I help facilitate is nothing short of life giving and absolutely amazing!

I live and breathe the healing work that I do. Helping people feel GOOD + supported in their bodies, minds, hearts, spirits + lives is my passion and reason for being. My offerings are in fact an offering to serve you as the divine being you are and help you fully live and enjoy your precious life! I am honored to help you, support you, and guide you to that very place. 

My mission is to help as many people as I can through my 1:1 work, online courses, + teachings and I am just so grateful to do what I do.

I truly believe we can heal and achieve anything we desire, as our desires are meant for us.

Thank you so much for being here and being you. I am really looking forward to supporting you!


  • Three 45 minute in-depth phone sessions every four weeks
  • Approximately 1 hour post session work where I muscle test for you + create your recommendations based on what needs support + transformation during our phone session together
  • **I only recommend what your body wants - no more, no less. That's why I channel your energy and muscle test for you, so that we know exactly what your body is asking for. It's a skill I have cultivated + it is incredible! The remedies that your body wants along with holistic lifestyle changes are what will create the massive change in your healing process.
  • Three months access to The Catalyst Membership (over $2,500 worth in life changing workshops)

The investment covers our time together, the time I spend creating your recommendations in my post-session process, all of UNDAs, homeopathics, flower essences, Chinese herbs, western herbs, and/or supplements per month, and the value you will receive from working with a holistic healing expert with over 15 years of healing experience!

I do see my clients get the best results when they work with me for months at a time. The healing I facilitate builds on itself. That is why I created this 3 month container. It allows me to truly understand the support you need + what your body (and spirit) are trying to communicate, so you can achieve your goals.

Remember, the body is always on our side + is here to help us.

Apply Here!

I really care about my work, and you should too!

That's why I offer a 1:1 Initial Session for us to connect, make sure we are the right fit for working together, and for you to get the most important support during the first step of your healing process - finding the root cause.

To apply for this program, please schedule your 1:1 Initial Session with Dr. Renee here: https://golden-heart-medicine-school.teachable.com/p/root-cause-healing-session


I am so excited to work with you and support you in your holistic healing journey.

I truly believe we can heal it all!